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2023 Membership Subscriptions - It's time to renew.

The window is open to renew your membership for 2023. Click on the link above to access the subscription options.

If you're paid up to the end of 2022 you can now access the auto-renewing membership.

If your 2022 membership expires before the end of 2022 you will also need to buy a small add on subscription to get you to the end of this year.

If your current annual membership expires before May 2023 then you will need to buy the add on subscription to get you to the end of 2023. You'll be overpaying if you buy the full 2023 subscription. (That's also ok if you want to!)

All 2024 memberships will be on the auto-renewing basis (apart from new members) We can now accept card payments as well as PayPal.

Please remember to update the contact form If you have any issues please contact Peter Wyatt in the first instance. (

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