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Kit Image.jpg


Main Club Kit
Shop open 9th -19th Feb '24

This is the primary club kit.

If you only want 1 jersey then this design is the one to get.

If you are racing for PCC you must wear this kit as it's the one that's registered with British Cycling.


The White "away day" kit
Shop open 1st -8th Feb '24

Originally developed as the "Tour" kit. It proved so popular that we've made it available to all of the club.

It's the alternative kit for trips, tours or just those hot dry rides!

PCC White Kit.jpg
Screenshot 2024-02-01 153204.png


Ordering Kit

Kit is ordered directly through Kalas and not through PCC's online shop.

You can access the club shops by clicking on the images on items 01 (Standard Kit) or 02 (White Kit)

There's a Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of this page.



It's custom kit, made to order for you.

Click on the image for the full size guide

Time to get the tape measure out!

Size Guide.jpg
  • I've forgotten the password!
  • Where can I find the details of the different types of kit?
    Open this!
  • How do I order the kit?
    If the shop is open, you order the kit directly through Kalas. PCC have their own custom shop.
  • How long does the kit take to arrive?
    Generally 6-8 weeks. We'll be able to give you a good indication when the shops go live.
  • How can I work out my sizing?
    The Kalas size guides have always been really good. You'll need to be accurate and honest with a tape measure. The size guide can be found here
  • What Categories of the White Kit can I order?
    Short sleeve jerseys Sleeveless Jerseys Long sleeve Jerseys Gilets. Within the gilet categories there are two gilets to choose from but there should be 3 which will hopefully be added in the next day or so. The 3rd Gilet option is a new pro fit option with a zip that can undo from the bottom as well as the top to make it easier to get into your pockets and will be priced at about £70.
  • I can't access the club shops.
    We only have certain kit ordering windows with Kalas. The shops are not open all of the time.
  • Where do I pick my kit up from?
    All of the kit gets delivered to Simon Gaywood. Once it's been delivered Simon will contact you to confirm that you can pick the kit up from him. The kit is delivered from Kalas in named bags.
  • Help - I'm still confused and need to speak to someone.
    Give Simon Gaywood a call on 07870 588167
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