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Proudly supporting Be More Ben - supporting families after the death of a child. 


Welcome to PCC’s Winter Charity Challenge 2024!


We are absolutely delighted that Clevedon & District Road Cycling Club joined us again this year. 

It's was another head to head!


This year we are raising money for Be More Ben, a wonderful local charity who support families after the death of a child.


The challenge began on Monday 29th January. We we be climbed as many metres as we could for 4 weeks, finishing on Sunday 25th February.

Metres were be climbed in the real world or virtually – as long as you are on a bicycle it all counts.


If you signed up and haven't gotten around to it yet it's time to make that Donation!


Donate £10 to Be More Ben Just Giving page – please put your name against the donation so we can keep track of who has donated. The donation is a suggested donation so please feel free to give whatever you can, but we would ask that you donate something if you are taking part.

Elevation in Metres


PCC Charity Challenge 2023

The Rules


2 Teams


Virtual or Actual rides count. As long as it’s on Strava.


You must have your Strava settings set so that you show up on Leader boards (If we can't see that you have done it, it will not count!)


Once a week is completed those metres are locked in. No backdating!

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