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Terms & Conditions

Signing into the Website

You will need to create an online account at the PCC Website (Website) This is simply your email address and a password of your choice.  You will then need verify an email (Please check your junk email).

You can only use the 'Request new password' button if you have previously created an account and submitted a password.  PCC do not have access to your passwords and we cannot reset them for you.

By applying to become a member of PCC you are agreeing to these terms (Terms), our Privacy Policy and our Code of Conduct. All of these are governed by the Club’s Constitution.  For the avoidance of doubt, if you have made an subscription payment to PCC then it is deemed that you have accepted all of these terms and conditions.

3rd Party Insurances

Club members must hold and maintain appropriate 3rd Party insurances to cover general cycling club activities.


British Cycling membership (that includes 3rd Party insurances as part of the membership) covers this and this is the preferred route. Cycling UK Membership is also acceptable. If in doubt contact the Committee. The insurance is there to protect you and others around you from an expensive mistake! You wouldn’t drive a car on the road without insurance and it’s no different for bikes.

If a member is proposing any other insurance provider then a minimum cover of £2 Million is required and the policy must be emailed to the Committee for approval.  The Committee's decision on the acceptance on any alternative policy will be final.  Any member must not join a club ride until this has been confirmed in writing.


PCC’s insurances do not cover accidents or incidents between individual members.

Acceptance of Membership


On receipt of your Membership application we will process your payment. PCC reserves the right to refuse any application for Membership.

If we are unable to obtain payment your Membership will be cancelled.


Membership categories

The Membership categories and any specific terms and criteria relating to a Membership category are set out on the Website for individuals.

By applying for Membership, you are confirming that you meet the criteria for the Membership category that you have applied for.

If at any time PCC discovers that you (or they) do not or did not meet the relevant Membership category criteria, PCC reserves the right to charge you any additional amount that may be owed (including in respect to previous years for which you (or they) did not meet the relevant Membership criteria) and/or cancel your Membership.


Online accounts

You will need to create an online account on the Website. You agree to comply with the Website terms and conditions as updated from time to time.


Pricing plans are defined as recurring or non recurring. Recurring memberships (yearly option) will be renewed at the on the same date that you initially subscribed. All recurring policies will run from 1st January for the specified calendar year. Renewals will be automatically taken until you cancel your Membership pricing plan.

If you pay by annual subscription, you will be given instructions on how to renew for another period of Membership. You are responsible for ensuring that the renewal details are correct (including the Membership category) and no refunds will be issued after the renewal date (for example, if you had intended to apply for a different Membership category). This clause does not affect your right to cancel within 14 days of the renewal date as set out below).

We reserve the right to increase the price of your Membership in accordance with PCC’s Constitution.

If we do not have a valid payment method then your Membership will not be renewed and your Benefits will stop until you restart your Membership.


Your right to cancel

As a consumer, you have a legal right to cancel the contract formed between us (and receive a refund of the fees paid) within 14 days of your application being accepted or the renewal date, as applicable. If you cancel your Membership after the 14-day deadline you will not be entitled to a refund.

To cancel your Membership, you must contact us via email at Please note that refunds will only be issued to the original method of payment.



These Terms are governed by the laws of England and Wales.

These Terms together with your application for Membership and the information and documents expressly incorporated by reference within these Terms set out the whole

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