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Winter riding on the road with PCC

Riding your bike in the winter can be a very rewarding thing.  On those bright, crisp days with dry roads and great visibility there’s nothing better than to get out of the house for a ride.

Often though, those days are replaced by damp, murky weather and stretches of mucky, wet roads.

We therefore advocate the use of mudguards during the winter months from the beginning of November to end of March, particularly if you are riding in a group.  This will help to protect you, your kit, your bike, and your fellow riders from the worst of the mucky conditions.

Everyone is always welcome on any of our rides. If you haven’t yet put mudguards on your bike or you simply don’t want to put guards on your bike, please don’t feel excluded from a group ride. 

We understand that for some people it may be impractical to be putting mudguards on and taking them off again regularly if you run just one bike, or your wide tyres are too big mudguards.

If there's a chance of either mucky and/or wet sections of road then please drop behind the last rider using mudguards in good time and in a safe and hazard free manner.  "Don't spray your Clubmates!".  It's no fun trying to hold a wheel with a face full of spray.  It can lead to groups being staggered all over the road, with no one getting the benefits from group riding.

Here’s an example of mudguards to provide excellent protection:


Mudflaps can make a huge difference to your winter group cycle rides. Most mudguards finish half way down the back wheel, which means you stay dry but spray still hits the rider behind. Adding a mudflap catches that spray and everyone gets home (relatively) clean.

You can get the custom PCC ones from Raw Mudflaps. You can also get the saddle flap, but please remember those only protect you!

back to Mudguards!

Bikesmiths in Long Ashton provide a range of options to suit most bikes and have offered to run a fitting service in the village for club members who might need assistance if there is enough interest.

Ben Elsworthy (Ben+1 on Facebook) is also available to help you fit your mudguards.

Given the murky weather and short days in winter it is always a good idea to ride with lights.

Finally, here are some excellent tips for winter riding: 


PCC Committee and Ride Leaders group

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