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This is currently limited to 16&17 year old Youths.

In accordance with guidance provided by British Cycling and with agreement between the Committee Members here are the PCC club rules.

Before the planned ride we request that the parent/guardian of the U18 completes the Parental Consent Form and contacts the ride leader to ascertain who else will be attending the ride so an adult rider can be nominated to act as the responsible adult for the U18.

Before any club ride that an U18 attends without a parent/guardian present we require the rider leader to check the following:


  • Ensure there is a signed Parental Consent Form in place for any U18 riders.

  • Ensure a minimum of one adult rider is identified and agreed by the parent/guardian before the ride to take responsibility for the U18 rider and ensure they stay with them at all times.

  • Confirm that the responsible adult has the contact details of the U18’s next of kin.

  • Ensure there are a suitable number of over 18 riders present on the ride in relation to U18s.  There is no set minimum number required however it is worth considering what an appropriate number is based on the size of the group in the event of an incident, ie crash, puncture, mechanical.

  • Where appropriate communicate with the parent/guardian if there are any delays in expected return time.

  • All over 18s on the ride should have consideration for the U18 riders and should be reminded to adhere to the expected standards of behaviour and language.

  • All U18s are expected to ride in accordance with the Club rules and Code of Conduct.

Any information provided about the youth will be securely and confidentially stored, processed and destroyed by Portishead Cycling Club in accordance with the principles of Data Protection.  It will only be used for the purpose of contacting you or your youth regarding future events or other Club events where your youth could get involved in cycling, or to provide you with information about British Cycling Membership.

Portishead Cycling Club or participants may take photographs and/or video footage during the Club ride.  These images may be used for coaching purposes or placed on the Portishead Cycling Club website or social media channels or for general publicity purposes.  By giving consent for your youth to participate in the ride you are also giving permission for photographs/video to be taken and used and described.

If a Parental Consent Form has not been completed prior to the ride and no responsible adult has been nominated and agreed in advance, then the U18 cannot join the Club ride. Any Club member has the authority to state this.

Parental Consent Form for U18s (Youths 16-17 year old's only) to ride on Club rides without a parent/guardian present.

The Club group ride(s) applicable are: (Check all that apply)

Thanks for submitting!

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