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Youth Participation Policy

This Participation Policy does not apply to competitive cycling, which is covered by the regulations of the relevant governing bodies, nor is it aimed at the requirements of training in cycling skills. It is designed to cover the participation of competent young cyclists in regular group riding activities with the club.

The Portishead Cycling Club (PCC) committee has agreed that:

  • Children aged 13 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, or somebody acting ‘in loco parentis’ on rides; there is no lower age limit for accompanied children.

  • Young people aged 14 and over may ride unaccompanied;

  • Young people aged 17 and under should have a completed Parental Consent Form, the original of which which should be delivered to the PCC Youth Officer before riding takes place. The PCC Youth Officer will ensure all Ride Leaders / Organisers are provided with the names of young riders and the young rider’s parental contact details.

  • If an unaccompanied young person aged 14-17 comes on a group ride without a signed Parental Consent Form, then their parents/guardians must be contacted by phone. If the leader / organiser is satisfied that consent has been obtained this way, and the parents are aware of the ride details, the young person may be allowed to continue.

  • The only exemption is where a young person having reached the age of 16 can prove that they are no longer living with parents or guardian and is de facto living as an independent adult. This will be proven by the supply of evidence such as a rent book or utility bill with the person’s current address in their name or a National Union of Students membership card.

  • The Parental Consent Form will indicate the nature and difficulty of the rides so informed consent can be given. Parents and guardians must also be made aware of whether the young person is likely to ride alone or with others at any time.

  • Parents must be aware that no special provision will be made for young people.

  • Where an activity is part of a series, a single Parental Consent Form can be given for more than one activity in the series. For example, one form can be filled in for a year of club rides, as long as the nature of the rides is clear. 

  • Where there is a substantial change in the programme of rides, it is important that the Youth Officer ensures parents are notified;

  • PCC has agreed parents must make arrangements as to how the young person is to get home after the club ride. The Parental Consent Form will explain that the group tends to break up towards the end of rides and riders go home in ones and twos.

  • If the young person is to be collected or accompanied home by a specific friend, neighbour or the ride leader / organiser, this will need to be agreed in advance.

A parental consent form may be asked for here.

The leader  / organiser must be satisfied that this guidance can be fully satisfied and the young person’s participation is fully supported by their parents.  If contact with the child’s parents cannot be made, or the leader is not satisfied that these conditions can be met, the young person should NOT be allowed to take part.

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