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Club Cameras

What we have, how to use them and how to effectively report and incident to the police.

New Bullet Camera-500x500.png

We use the Chilli Technology Bullet Camera as the main club camera.

Using the camera


  1. Camera Charged?

  2. Date/Time format set correctly? Make sure that you don't take the battery out once you have changed the date/time as it may reset it!

  3. Waterproof end cap installed?

  4. Camera secured correctly to bike?

  5. Any incidents need to be reported to the Police with 7 days.


Reporting to the Police - Click the link below


  1. Do you have video footage of the incident?

  2. Did the incident occur in the last 7 days?

  3. If required, are you willing to provide a full statement?

  4. If required, are you willing to attend court?

  5. Are you able to upload video footage that includes 2 minutes before and 2 minutes after the incident?

  6.  Does the video footage clearly show the registration of the other vehicle involved?

Club Camera Register

We maintain a register of who has the cameras . If you have a camera and you are not attending club rides regularly please consider passing your camera back into the club for reallocation.  Loans are based on a 1 month period.

If you would like to borrow a camera then please use the contact form on the home page

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