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ABUS Helmet & Locks - An exclusive PCC Members only offer!

ABUS have their UK HQ in Portishead! They have offered up to a 40% discount to PCC Members only. The deal is so good that we have to limit this to 2 helmets + 2 locks per member. The Club also has to place the order directly.

The offer will end on Sunday 2nd June.

Click on the link below. You will need to be logged into the PCC website and have a current membership to see this page.

Details are on the page, but in summary

  1. Select you products.

  2. Complete the form on the page.

  3. BACS payment to the club account.

  4. We'll place the order, pay ABUS and collect the kit. Members can then pick up the kit locally.

There's a comprehensive excel sheet, or the PDF's to work through (about 150 types of lock and about 450 helmet variants!) you might find this easier on a computer.

Helmets go from the Kids Smiley 3.0 (£40 discounted to £24) up to the full face MTB Airdrops (£260 discounted to £156)

There's the full selection of the road helmets as well. Gamechanger, Stormchaser, Airbreaker etc.

The Gamechanger RRP is £260, Sigma Sports have an offer on at £202.90. The ABUS deal gets you the helmet for £156!

Full details including the links to the Product & Price Lists and the links to ABUS' website are in the link above.

Si Gaywood has a Small, Medium and Large sample helmet to try on if you want to be sure on the sizing. They are all sized the same, apart from the MIPS helmets. These do come with a warranty, but we're trying to avoid returns due to incorrect size selection.

Thank you to everyone involved in making this happen!

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