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Thursday Night Chaingang is back - ALL Levels welcome

The weather forecast has improved, so we're going to restart the Chaingang for the summer.


Meeting times 6:30pm - EV Charging Station, next to Parish Wharf 6:55pm - The Police Horse Entrance next to the Hand Stadium 7:00pm - Chaingang starts

Levels. The more that sign up, the more groups and levels that we can get out. The groups on the night will depend on who turns up. We'd love more of the level 2&3 riders to turn up.

Format Group warm up to the start from Portishead to Clevedon. If one or two riders decide to head off quicker than you want to then let them go, The chaingang starts at 7pm and there's plenty of time to get down there. 2-3 laps of the Kenn Moor Circuit - Though and off group riding. The rider / group leader will make the call on this.

Group warm down back to Portishead. This may well be a structured ride back.

Communicate with each other "Easy" - Ease off the pace a bit

"Gap" - There's a gap in the group - Ease off the pace a bit.

"All on" - Everyone's together, lets go!


There are currently roadworks on the junction at Yatton onto Kenn Moor Road. If the lights are on red then we stop and wait. If the group splits then the front riders will be expected to stop and wait on the other side. Please don't take any unnecessary risks. Potholes

There have been some recent repairs, but there are a couple of potholes left on the route. Front riders please call them out.

There is one just before Pullins bakery and another just after the corner with the bridge onto Davis Lane.


Left Hand Junction from Davis Lane onto the B3133.

Front riders - Don't do full gas straight out of the junction(or any of the junctions) . Let the group get back together. Back riders - Shout "All on" when the group is together and make sure the that the shout gets passed up the line.

Roundabout on B3133 into Yatton

This is a lot busier than it used to be. Front riders. Ease back a bit and be prepared to stop. It's better to get the whole group through in one go. If there's a split sit up and wait for the group to get back on. Yatton Roundabout, just after the Rugby Club Ease back the pace. We'll be making the left hand corner onto the Kenn Moor Road in 100m, so there's no reason to push through this. Kenn Moor Road junction

It's a busy junction with cars blocking the full road width. Take it steady, get the group together quickly and start going through and off as soon as it's safe to do so.

3 minutes of Thursday Night Chaingang in the fast group. Apologies for the road noise!

Just in case you were wondering what it's like in the quickest group on on a Thursday. It's quick, but it's also very smooth, calm and disciplined. But mostly great fun. The aim is to get all of the groups riding to this standard. Things to note: Look how close the riders are 2 distinct lines, riding close together Minimal gaps to the rider in front No surging off the front. If there's a gap to the rider behind, then ease back. Ease off a bit and let the overtaking rider though if they're struggling. It's a chain, don't break it! This is filmed on one of the club's safety cameras. Enjoy!

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