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PCC - Southern Enduro

This weekend saw another round of the @southernenduro series in Bratton, North Devon. Two of the four riders made podiums this time around, including for the first time @john_cox_1111 aka J Dog. Fast and technical trails saw fast racing brought to an abrupt end for some whilst other kept it together for the silverware. We caught up with @hitamtikus after the event interview.

"So it's tight, real tight. I’d been easing up on the finish each stage to keep Coxy interested. He knows he was on for a podium and you can see his tick start when lined up for each stage.

So we start the last one, i go in. He drops in behind. A rooty off camber left (my weaker side) and all it took was a builders hand on my back. Next thing I'm down a ravine, probably 20ft below the trail. Coxy, well he's off on his own now knowing if he stays upright he beats me. I scrambled back up using the branches and eventually I'm on the trail again. Fired up now I hit the burners, it's tight and twisty but I'm in the zone. Fly over a road gap with just a little whip for the photos and I an see J-dog in the distance. Out of the trees and into the finish field and I'm gaining rapid but running out of track. I straight line the next section floating over Sniper roots barely touching the ground, almost back on him but hear the finish beep and there he is slumped over the bars, blowing.

The times come up and I'm down by half a second or so... What can I say beaten by a better rider on the day”.

That’s Tony’s story and he’s keeping to it.

Well done @sasha_ftpracing for your category win and @danielandres.84 for some ace photos and a respectable 6th in the Hardtail category. #portisheadcc#portisheadccmtb#portishead#portisheadlife#northsomerset#enduroracing#mtbenduro#jdog

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