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PCC's Steve Brown is off to the Gravel Worlds!

The Grallock was held on Saturday 20th May 2023. It's a race, a one-day gravel classic and the first UCI Gravel World Series event ever hosted in Britain.

Almost entirely off road, riders tackled 113km across the hills of the Galloway Forest Park on some of the best gravel in the UK.

A qualification event for the UCI Gravel World Championships in Italy next autumn, riders will race in their Masters Age groups. And guess what. PCC's Steve Brown did just that!

Portishead Cycling Club will be represented by Steve in the Gravel Worlds. (Unfortunately, Steve will be made to wear GB kit!)

In Steve's own words

"It was fantastic proper gravel racing 104km of the 113km was off road! lots of overseas riders in all classes a Belgium won my category there were 120 you needed top 30 to qualify for the worlds I finished 14th I was running top 10 but blowup at about 40km had to have a reset wait for a group to come up from behind you can’t ride alone in these race for an extended time at least I can’t. I finished quite strong hitched a lift with a couple of Hope Factory lads🤣 and just held on for the last 10km I beat everyone in the group I was in most of them were in my cat so it had to be done your never really sure how many are up the road🤔"

He also got passed by Ineos' Conner Swift who went onto win the event. Connor was kind enough to have a quick chat, but Steve can't seem to remember any of it.

Congratulations again Steve!

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