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PCC Launch the "4&1" Charity Challange

This year we are supporting one of our Club Members, Ben Smith and his 401 Foundation.

Ben's taking on a huge USA Challenge this year and we're proud to be able to support him.


The Rules

Each team has to aim to ride 12,690 miles in 4 weeks & 1 day. Starting on Monday 10th January.

Teams will be competitively allocated on the basis of Lockdown 2 distances (or a best guess if there’s no data available).

Ben Smith will be used as a “Super Sub” and will be allocated into the team with the lowest milage.

Virtual or Actual rides count. As long as it’s on Strava.

You must have your Strava settings set so that you show up on Leader boards (So we can pick up your distances).

Once a week is completed those miles are locked in. No backdating!

We’ll be using the Website to keep you all up to date. This will hopefully be more or less live.

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