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PCC Core Classes- An EPiC offer!

PCC and Epic teamed up back in October 2022 to run a cycling specific core class on a Wednesday night at 8:30pm at EPiC Gym in Portishead. It's a 45 minute session (it's more than enough!)

It's completely mixed abilities. You'll work to your own level and build from there. PCC members that join the gym at £39 per month will get full access to EPiC's normal gym and exercise classes, but also get the additional PCC Core class which is just for us!

You join EPiC individually and mention that you are a PCC member to get the benefit. If you work up at Aztec West you will also get access to their sister Gym up there.

This is a local company and not one of the big chains. We are being coached by Lizzie and so far every session has been different!

There is no fixed term on this contract with EPiC, so if it's not for you then you're not tied in.

Try before you buy - click on the link below for a free session. Book A Free Session - Epic Martial Arts

If you have any questions then drop Pete Wyatt or Ben George a message.

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