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PCC Core Classes- An EPiC offer!

PCC and Epic teamed up a couple of months ago to start running a cycling specific core class on a Wednesday night at 8:30pm at EPiC Gym in Portishead. Initially PCC were booking the space and the instructor through EPiC and were then selling the classes internally though our website. This worked out at £7-£8 per class (Around £30 per month). This did not give you access to the rest of the Gym and the classes. This seemed like a big missing as there's a real buzz about the place. We have a new proposal. EPiC have confirmed that PCC members that join the gym at £39 per month will still get the exclusive core class, but the extra £9 per month includes full gym access including all of the other classes,. This is the route that we'll be using from January 2023. Just to confirm that from January you will pay EPiC direct. If you work up at Aztec West you will also get access to their sister Gym up there.

A few words from EPiC on how to join in "Depending on when you’d like to start. You’ll have two choices of direct debit date …1st or 15th of each month. If the 1st January we will set up the direct debit and you can either complete in the comfort of your own armchair or at desk (need bank account and sort code). If you wish to start training pre direct debit we will would need a pro rata payment i.e. join on 15th dec you pro rata would be £19.50. Hopefully this makes sense. We do offer a free gym induction…this is merely to show you how to operate equipment but team are often just around if needed If you wish to secure the 1st Jan as your first direct debit …we ideally need to set up by 17th do to Christmas bank cycles. So excited to have you on board"

This is a local company and not one of the big chains.

There is no fixed term on this contract with EPiC, so if it's not for you then you're not tied in. Just to gauge interest.

Interested in the PCC / EPiC collaboration

  • Yes - I'm in and will be heading down to EPiC to sign up

  • No - I'm already a member of another Gym

  • Gym - No chance

  • I'm actually already an EPiC member. I'll let them know.

If you have any questions then contact either Ben G or Pete W

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