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PCC have adopted Ride with GPS (RwGPS) for club rides planning

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

As some of you already know we at PCC have been trialling the use of a Ride with GPS Club Account.

Until now we have maintained a rides schedule (this is now the "Rides Calendar") using Google Sheets which is adequate for our needs but not ideal as we continue to develop the club, its infrastructure and automate our operations wherever possible. The newly adopted membership renewal process is a good example of how automation can help to ease our admin load.

Why use a club account with Ride with GPS?

Reducing admin.

The current Google Sheets ride schedule is heavily reliant on manual intervention to keep it up to date, is awkward to use for the ride leaders when planning ahead and creating the links to rides.

Enhanced mapping functionality.

A RwGPS club account provides several enhancements over the Strava mapping system including:

· Richer mapping features

· Clearer maps

· Multiple routes per map

· Point of Interest drops ( eg café stops / feed stations / meeting points / pubs etc)

· On road and off road capability

· And more!

Ride with GPS Calendar

The RWGPS club account comes with a far better calendar system that we could ever hope to create on Google Sheets. It has been embedded into the club website and showcases the impressive range of rides which PCC provides to its members and any new member visiting the website.

Please note that if you are accessing through a mobile then you'll see a list of rides rather than a calendar (It looks better in a mobile format). These links will also take to the RwGPS app once you have installed that.

In addition to this you can link the club RwGPS calendar to your own Iphone, Outlook or any electronic calendar. It will prepopulate all club events into your Outlook calendar allowing you to join a ride without the need to go to the club website. The links emebdded into you calendar also has the links to join the ride and download the route.

Instructions on how to do this can be found below:

Route Library

Contained within the system is a list of the rides the club has done which can be easily downloaded to your chosen head unit. We have been maintaining a ride schedule on Google Sheets, but similarly to the ride schedule it is time consuming to keep up to date.

There is a link on the Website home page under the within the "Rides" tab, or click on the clink.

What has happened so far?

We have run two training sessions with the ride leaders to help familiarise them with the RwGPS system. They will all have the benefit of the route planning enhancements explained earlier. You will already have seen links to RwGPS routes appearing in the Strava ride notification for the various rides we lay on during the week.

What next and what does it mean for me?

1. We are now going to extend our use of the RwGPS route planning system and continue to build up our skill with the software.

2. You should download the free RwGPS app and link it to your chosen head unit provider in the same way you will have done for your Strava app.

3. We have provided several guidance documents on the website for you to follow which explain how to load a ride into your head unit.

4. Once you are familiar with this you should find that it is a very quick and simple job to load a ride.

5. If there is a need we will provide some workshops to walk you through any difficulties you may experience.

6. You do not need to give up your Strava account! We will be keeping the club Strava account and will continue to advertise club rides using Strava as we appreciate some of the well-loved features that Strava provides.

7. You are invited to Join PCC's RwGPS club page by clicking the link below

Any Questions??

If you have any questions about why we are introducing this new process, or you need a hand switching over to RwGPS please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Kind Regards


PCC Chair

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