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The Peaky Blinder

The road route features the Mendip Man Strava art or just his head if you chose the shorter option.  There are some stiff climbs and quality descents if you chose the full loop or an easier flatter course on the shorter head and shoulders option.

Mendip Man - Full 1.jpg


The Full Route

Start / Finish - Portishead

Distance - 130km / 81miles

Elevation - 1833m / 6013 feet


The 'Just the Head' route

Start / Finish - Portishead

Distance - 71km / 44miles

Elevation - 831m /  2726feet

Mendip Man - head.jpg
Mendip Man - only.jpg


The Mendip Man

This option is limited by the available parking at Felton Village Hall.  The Parking is a separate purchase and when its gone, its gone!

Start / Finish - Felton Village Hall

Distance - 88km / 55miles

Elevation - 1326m /  4350feet

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