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James Short
Our Tributes

On Sunday 16th October James had what we think was a heart attack whilst out on the club ride.  

Despite heroic efforts from our colleagues in the club and the Emergency Services, including the Air Ambulance, who were on site very quickly James could not be saved.

Our thoughts are with James’ family and his many friends.  He was a shining light in his career, the community and in PCC.

He will be hugely missed.

James gave so much and had so much more to give. He had a light touch, abundant enthusiasm and real determination. I will remember him fondly whenever I get on my bike and hope they have a cycling club in heaven! Iain B

James, you're going to be sadly missed mate, RIP mate, God bless Kevin P

Only knew you for about 18 months James's but had the pleasure of riding with you lots of times on countless weekend and mid week rides. I was always very pleased to see you on a ride as you always had a constant smile and an infectious laugh. Being a fellow ex soldier I used to enjoy our little chats about the our Army days. I was so upset when I heard you had passed away. You were a true gentleman and put a smile on so many people's faces on so many rides. Stand easy now Sir duty done see you in the Sqn bar in the sky. Respect Matt C

I knew James for many years through business and I am just totally speechless at his sad passing. Ken A

James was the most remarkable man with an amazing number of strings to his bow, links in his chain, spokes in his wheel, sails on his boat, medals on his chest and we shall miss him very much. He had time for everyone in the club and time for everything we did both on and off the bike. I had many conversations with him across a wide range of subjects and valued his counsel immensely. An Officer and a Gentleman, we were very lucky to have James as one of ours. Onward and upward my friend. John Chair PCC

I am heartbroken to hear of the tragic incident in which James lost his life, and on behalf of everybody at British Cycling I would like to extend our sincerest condolences for your loss.  It is clear from the tributes seen over recent days that James was a much-loved and popular club member, and he will be sorely missed. Cycling is a wonderfully close-knit family, and the Portishead Cycling Club will be feeling this loss very greatly. I realise that any offer of support that I make just now, may appear hollow and of little meaning to you at this time of intense family tragedy, but it is heartfelt and sincere none the less so please do not hesitate to contact me or the staff at British Cycling, if we can help you in any way. Once again, my thoughts and those of everybody at British Cycling are with you and your family at this incredibly difficult time. With heartfelt condolences, Bob Howden OBE President British Cycling

Spending time with James made me a happier person. Everyone should try to be a bit like James. You'll be missed Chris P

My chain gang partner and top, top guy. Will miss our rides and chats. Thank you for always listening. Love to your family, the world has lost a true gentleman. Mark D

James was one of the first people I really got to know in the Portishead Cruising Club years ago. When I had to give up sailing and started cycling I was delighted to find myself riding alongside an old friend. I can't help but wish I'd been able to get out on that Sunday ride when you left us so unexpectedly. I will miss your kindness, friendliness and wisdom. Rest well my friend Shaun S

James was such a live wire, cheery man, a huge character within PCC; he will be sadly missed by us all. We joined the club 5 yrs ago, within a few weeks of each other. He was my good cycle mate on so many rides and we were both always proud to be two of the club's oldies! I remember - his very first ride with the club - one of Kev's Thursday rides. . It was pouring with rain, we were saturated but he was his usual jokey, cheerful self. RIP James - the one consolation is that you died doing something you clearly loved. Nickie W

James was a genuinely wonderful man, decent, charming and always a smile on his face. He could not do enough for others and it was always a privilege and joy to share time with him whether it be a meeting, in passing, over a pint or on a bike ride. My heart goes out to his family, I salute you James. Ben G

It was always a pleasure to have James riding next to you out on a club ride. He had the enthusiasm of a man half his age and was always ready to give anything a go, whatever the weather! His passing has left a huge hole in the club, but I feel privileged to known him for as long as I did. Pete W

Huge shock to hear of James' passing. I have known him for many years through the St Peters Church community and cycled with him many times. We will miss his enthusiastic nature, his endless energy and his stories. My thoughts and prayers are with Claire and his family. Sebastian A

James was a true gentleman and one of life's interesting and engaging characters. You will be much missed. RIP James. Paul H

I too am grappling with this awful tragic news. I chatted with him at pre ride gatherings, got to know him and of his vast achievements down the pub and he was professionally mentoring my son in his fledgling business. On the road - I didn’t see so much of him… 🚴🏻‍♂️💨 Phil S

Tragic news, It always brightened my day to see his beaming smile and enthusiasm for the shop. A wonderful human being. So sorry Claire and family for your terrible loss. Matt D

James had time and a kind word for everyone. He would sometimes say, in his quiet way, that he felt he might not be able to keep up with the group. And then, next thing he would be pressing to the front to take on more of the work. I always felt at ease with James and that he understood. He will be so very missed. Stuart L

James added cheerfulness and fun to every ride I shared with him. He came out on a filthy day with Ruth and me in cold, wet February 2022 and he remained in good humour despite the awful conditions. We were riding for the hill climbing challenge and we all on separate teams but we rode together as friends. It's the smiles, and good natured moaning about the speed of chain gangs that I will remember of James. He was clearly a family man and often used to speed off home because he was looking after the grandchildren. I am so glad we met by chance on the road on Friday 14th October and we had a lovely chat. Our final ride on Sunday was perfect in so many ways. A good group, a fast flat ride out and lovely sunny weather. James was a special man and I feel honoured to have known him. I will miss him terribly. My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time. Ann T

To Me, James, Epitomized the phrase “The perfect Gentleman” He was charming, humorous, caring, friendly and just a damn decent bloke in all respects. No matter how gloomy the skies or how cold the weather was, James was a beaming ray of light and his warmth radiated from him each and every time you were lucky enough to be in his company. I only know a few bits and pieces about his life and career and just those bits already make him a remarkable person to have known. He was full of life, full of wonderful stories and full of love for his family and friends. My fondest thoughts of the General are when he would remark, with affectionate humour when sat on my back wheel, that he was now in his favourite position, enjoying the vast windbreak my ample body would provide him. I will miss him a lot on future rides and social gatherings, but I’m sure we will all help his memory live on. Goodnight and god bless you James, it was a honour and privilege to have known and rode with you my friend. Jamie L

Shocked and very saddened by the incredibly sad news about a such a good friend and a real shining light at PCC. James was truly one of life's good-guys and his constant enthusiasm and smiles will never be forgotten, along with our great chats and laughs when riding out together, and I will certainly never forget joining him very, very late one evening doing reps on Belmont Hill when supporting his son with his Everesting challenge, nor the sheer pride on his face when the challenge was completed. Thoughts with Claire and family. I salute you sir and proud to have known you as a friend. Rob E

He was a true gentleman and very modest and generous considering his achievements, not least his army rank and sailing the Atlantic and around the world. After my first crash and loosing my licence he transported me and my bike to Castle Combe but I could never keep up with him around the circuit. Then after my second accident he offered me a replacement front wheel.On the phone his "Sandhurst" accent was easily recognised welcomed and a trade mark. He loved our club and I and we shall sorely miss him.R.I.P James, you deserve it ,after all those miles covered in your very eventful and too short a life. Au Revoir James. "Crash" Gordon Gordon F

James was one of life's real gentlemen and always cheerful and smiling. I rode with James many times; on our club trip round the Isle of Wight, loops and loops of Chaingang, lots of Sunday Social rides and on his first 100 mile club ride in 2020. We enjoyed many conversations on our rides on all sorts of topics. You never heard him complaining even when there was just one more hill on the ride or when he had his best road bike on the ride along the rather bumpy Greenway Trail in the Wye Valley. We will miss him very much on our rides but he will always be with us in our thoughts and conversations. Deepest condolences to his family and friends. May your roads always be smooth and the wind on your back, ride on James. Rest in eternal peace. Diana K

We first met James and Claire when we were all members of the other, original PCC, the “Portishead Cruising Club”. This fact usually resulted in sniggers from cycling club members with the predictable jokes about swapping car keys etc. We similarly hung up our sailing gear and switched to lycra and a slightly less costly hobby a few years ago. Equally self-effacing of his and Claire’s sailing achievements as he was in every other aspect of his life, James was an absolute gem and great company on a cycle ride. He always had a smile and a sunny outlook. When a slip on some ice during a cycle ride resulted in a trip to A&E with what he insisted was groin strain but turned out to be a fractured pelvis, he still didn’t complain. Except when I accidentally drove across a mini roundabout and unintentionally jolted him-ouch. I still cringe about it today. Sorry James. You’ve left us all stunned and saddened by your sudden departure. But you are, and will be, very much in our thoughts and part of our club. Celia and David D

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