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The Routes - 2022

The Peaky Blinder - Road

This years route has been put together by the Club Chairman it's 32 miles of safe local roads that loop back to the HQ for the feedstation. Failand Lane and the Coastal climb will provide a proper challenge with the multi lap format.

This will be a signposted route, but it's useful to have the route downloaded if you want to.

PB route 22.

The Cheeky Grinder - Gravel

We've been working hard to bring you some of the best gravel riding in North Somerset. We've settled on two different loops this year in a figure of eight so that you can dive into the cakes at the feedstation at the event HQ inbetween. Both of these loops are just under 30 miles long. Both in a day is a great challenge and really showcases our area!

This is a gravel ride, so we won't be signposting the route.  You will need to download this into your Garmin / Wahoo / Hammerhead or phone to follow.

PCG figure of 8
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