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The Future

Under 16s

Portishead Cycling Club (PCC) was only born in 2016.  We're still in our infancy, but with around 200 active adult members we are looking to the future

Youth Cycling in and around Portishead

We are lucky enough to have loads of great places to cycle with young riders in and around the Portishead area. PCC don’t currently directly support Riders under the age of 16, but there are also several clubs and organisation that can.

It's PCC intention to build and support young riders as the club grows, and we will be hosting a select number of events in pursuit of this. We will monitor interest through these event and gain knowledge of what’s needed and required, but for now, here is some information about what's available locally to get everyone riding.


Fox Cycling

FoxCycling - for young rider just leaning to ride -

A Company run by Steven Fox, a cycling nut, kids’ sports coach and entrepreneur recognised there are three main barriers to children not cycling, so he designed a fun activity-based methodology to get kids cycling safely in an hour.

Since 2010, Fox Cycling has taught thousands of children to cycle so many more families can ride together; the fun, progressive learning system has been further refined and developed over time.

Contact@ Steven Fox - 07976 276242 -

Sole Bristol Youth MTB

Sole Bristol Youth MTB

Riding the trails at Ashton Court and Leigh Woods in Bristol. We have a broad range of ability and skill levels, catering for youth/junior riders. Although only recently affiliated to British Cycling, we have been meeting and riding for over 8 years.

Sessions last 2 hours with an aim to improve riders’ confidence, skill and fitness in a safe of road environment.

Contact: Mr Rob Gregory - 07564 347360 -

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